Article I – Name
The name of the organization shall be the Music Education Research Group – kenya. The official abbreviation shall be MERG-Kenya.

Article II – Purpose
MERG-kenya is a group of individuals who come together to deliberate upon, provide information on and inform policy and practice on matters that relate to and/or involve music as an academic, socio-cultural and educational phenomenon. As a member organization, MERG-kenya relies on the ideas and resources from its members to guide and support its activities.

Article III – Status
MERG-kenya is a non-profit professional association whose principle jurisdiction is the Republic of Kenya, where it seeks registration.

Article IV – Membership
MERG-kenya has the following categories of membership:
i. Ordinary members must be University lecturers engaged in research in music. They could be from other disciplines such as languages, History, etc.;

ii. Student Members include any students pursuing and registered in higher education (Undergraduate or postgraduate) music programmes;

iii. Group membership will include groups/institutions involved in the practice of music

iv. Associate members –This category is for non-active individuals who have a keen interest in and are willing to support the study and practice of music. They would include music enthusiasts and sponsors/partners. In this category there shall also be other people engaged in music research and documentation, such as journalists

Article V – Board of Directors
The Board of Directors shall be the representative of the Society and, as such, shall conduct the affairs of the Society and shall hold and administer all of the property and funds of the Society. Provisions for the regulation of the internal affairs of the Society shall be specified in the Bylaws of the Society.

Article VI – Dissolution
1) The Society may be dissolved only by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of ballots cast by the membership in balloting devoted solely to that question. The balloting shall be conducted in a manner prescribed by the Board of Directors.

2) Any assets remaining to the Society shall be disposed of by the Board of Directors. Such assets shall be donated to one or more non-profit organizations pursuing aims similar to those of the Society. In no event shall any portion of such assets be distributed among the members of the Society.

Article VII – Amendments
Amendments to, or revisions of, these Articles shall require a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the ballots cast by the membership of the Society. Procedures for the consideration of amendments or revisions shall be prescribed